5 Members
25 Devices
5 Dashboards
10 MQTT Connections
Private by default
Ad Supported



100 Members
100 Devices
25 Dashboards
25 MQTT Connections
Private by default
Ad Free
Inbound Email & SMS
Additional SMS credits

All plans Include:

HTTPS Secured

All accounts have HTTPS encryption by default and are private out of the box, allowing you to decide who sees your data.

API Access

Easy API access is an important part of Tinamous. We want you to connect up everything is sight; consequently, we're providing documented open RESTful APIs as well as MQTT support.

Arduino Friendly

Not all micros support HTTPS, we allow you (should you wish) to use unsecured HTTP and MQTT to send measurements and status posts using an Arduino, no need for SSL or complex authentication when all you need is something simple.

Particle Integration

Easily connect your Photons, Cores and Electrons with the Particle Bot. Connect your Tinamous account to your Particle account and then it's as simple as particle.publish() to get your data into Tinamous.